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What a Weekend!!! Two Big Steps Closer to a World Without Childhood Cancer!

UDance 2015

The University of Delaware students knocked it out of the park this year!

This past Sunday, as you’ll see in the picture, the UDance 2015 students raised an amazing $1,282,103 to help The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation fight childhood cancer.  This total moved UDance into the #6 spot in the ranking of the largest collegiate dance marathons in the country after just 9 years!  Think about how many families of kids with cancer we will be able to impact and how much, cutting-edge research we will be able to fund with this money.  I am SO proud to be a Blue Hen!  Thank you, UDance C0-Executive Directors, Julia Denhoff and Kelsey McWilliams, the UDance Executive Board and all of the students that made this possible.  You created a fantastic event for the students, put smiles on the faces of our 39 brave B+ Heroes, and raised a ton of awareness and money for the cause.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

While we wish Andrew could’ve been dancing alongside you at his parents’ and sister’s alma mater, we know Andrew must be so proud and so grateful to all who danced, donated and made a difference For Our B+ Heroes.









NovaDance 2015

In just its 2nd year, the students of Villanova University surpassed their goal and broke the $100,000 mark by raising $102,657 for The B+ Foundation at NovaDance 2015!  This is remarkable for a 7,000 student school in just its 2nd year.  The students have embraced the mission and the 7 B+ Heroes who they’ve been paired with.  Thank you, Mike Dolio, Josh Beltran, and all of the Wildcats for impacting so many lives and creating yet another great tradition at Villanova.


Thank you for your continued support!


Live Like Andrew

Ali & Andrew’s Dad