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MLK Day/Thank You Note/NYC Chapter/Wilmington Winter Classic








While I never had the privilege and honor of meeting the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I did have the honor of meeting another great lion of the civil rights movement, Congressman John Lewis.  My friend and Delaware’s lone congressman, John Carney, kindly introduced me to Rep. Lewis following President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address.  If you’re not familiar with Rep. Lewis, Google him or go to the theater and see “Selma”, a great movie that includes several scenes depicting Lewis, his courage, and his principles.


Thank You Note

I hope you can expand the screen enough to read this heart-warming thank-you note from a family to you, B+ Nation.  Notes like this one are one of the things that keep us going.












NYC Chapter Party

Recently, we were VERY excited to announce that we started our first B+ Chapter.  A group of young professionals, who have experience with The B+ Foundation and our mission from their respective colleges, have come together in NYC to harness the energy, skills, and contacts of young professionals to help us raise awareness and money for the fight against childhood cancer.  If you live or work in NYC, or know people that do, please encourage them to join the group.  The NYC Chapter is having their first event in about 6 weeks.  Please check out the link and spread the word.  We are so proud and appreciative to these young people for continuing to embrace the B+ mission and message.  Who’s going to be our next city???



Wilmington Winter Classic

Thank you, once again, to the Wilmington (DE) Fire Dept and Wilmington Police Dept for battling it out on the ice to help fight childhood cancer.  Since its inception, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation has been the beneficiary of this sold-out ice hockey game.  It was, again, a GREAT night and a great game.  We had 5 B+ Heroes on the ice prior to the game, including two (Nathan Silpath & Leon Huhn) who are sled hockey players and escorted the teams onto the ice.  Congratulations to the WPD for winning the game but, the way I see it, the winners are the families of kids with cancer who you’ve enabled us to help.



Make it a great week.


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